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Welcome, my name is Mathias Holmgren. I am a partner at Crisp and a product transformation coach. I help product companies become highly competitive, by:

Developing the key capabilities that enables you to capitalize on market opportunities
Unlocking engagement to drive change with impact and solve valuable customer problems
Leveling up your product and tech leadership, to enable stronger product traction with high quality and sustainable speed to market


Transform your product and tech leadership for market excellence.

Product Transformation Coaching

Assessments and transformation initiatives to drive change towards the empowered teams product model, for growth scale ups and established businesses.

Product Leadership Coaching

Accelerating skills development to establish product focus, product strategy, alignment and collaboration tools, validating problems to solve and solutions.

Operational Coaching to integrate modern Discovery and Delivery practices

Hands-on guidance to develop skills and practices that enable and operationalize modern continuous discovery and delivery principles.

Engineering Leadership Coaching

Enabling higher quality standards, shorter engineering lead time, strong customer insights, true alignment and ownership that empower engineers to innovate and drive change.

"Mathias has the hands-on experience you want and need in an effective product coach. He can help you move to strong, empowered product teams, capable of consistently delivering real business outcomes and not just shipping code."
Marty Cagan
Sillicon Valley Product Group

Customer testimonials

Real success stories from companies I have helped develop and transform.

Mats Jacobsson

Mats Jacobsson

CEO Mobilaris, ex CEO SSG

“After years of exploration and non value adding discussions about methods for product development of our digital services we decided to get some external support. Mathias supported the leadership team and all involved in a change journey that from a common base of knowledge helped us create a well supported target organization and way of working enabling agility that all involved could fully stand behind.

Together with ensuring the right competencies in critical roles this change resulted in a turnaround from destructive frustration to a trust generating approach for work and an effective ability to deliver customer value.”

Jon Slorer

Jon Slorer

CPO Sensio, ex CPO Bisnode

“The Bisnode CTO and I wanted to set a product development approach based on continuous product discovery and product delivery with autonomous teams building the "right product" in the "right way".

Mathias and his team was a great partner on this journey. They had a central role in defining our methodology and coaching the product teams in the new way of working. By using a train the trainer model internal discovery and delivery coaches were enabled to gradually take over the coaching of new teams.

The outcome of the engagement was that we saw that the teams became more customer centric, became more autonomous and created more business value for Bisnode and for the customers.”

Ray Fambro

Ray Fambro

Product manager Mozilla

"Working with Mathias on honing my skills as a Product Manager was simply an invaluable experience. As a first time PM coming into a new organization, I had a few gaps that I needed to fill - and Mathias’ ability to captivate by storytelling was a great place for me to start. One stand out learning for me was our application of the “Opportunity Tree” concept. This unlocked my understanding of the importance in focusing on outcomes and user values over solutions. Being able to communicate this line of thinking in a visual format makes a world of difference in team building.

I recommend Mathias’ services to anyone that is looking to level up their Product thinking."

Mattias Oldenburg

Mattias Oldenburg

CTO Euroflorist, ex CTO Bisnode

“I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Mathias in various contexts, and his expertise in developing innovative working methods is extensive. Mathias possesses exceptional skills in identifying challenges, transforming them into constructive avenues for improvement, and discovering new paths forward. The combination of exceptional skills in both product-development and technology, Mathias drives business goals with motivation, engagement and clear goals with execution built on collaboration and end customer insights.

Mathias is truly outstanding, and I offer my highest recommendation for anyone considering working with him.”

Janette Hedin

Janette Hedin


“Mathias was part of the change leadership team in the transformation we did at SSG towards the product team model. His experiences of the combination of hard and soft issues - specifically what steps we needed to take and how we could set up the transformation to succeed, and how we should set things up to help people on the way towards our desired state was helpful to us.

Mathias is good at giving concrete examples, at phrasing what he believes we need and describing this in a way that makes it easy to take in and use. Both us who are to drive and support the change, but also to those who will make it work in everyday work life needs to understand why, what and how we are going to do it. He was also very receptive to our challenges and opportunities at SSG, which led to us being able to make things work for us. I also felt it was good that we talked about agile in a pragmatic way and that it was more about what needs we had to make things work, rather than following something to the letter.”

Per Ryding

Per Ryding

Group Director Dun & Bradstreet, ex Director of Engineering Bisnode

“We as a company wanted to improve how we did product development. Mathias was a key factor in how we managed to reach a discovery & delivery type of working. With his ability to listen and quickly assess our current status he, in an efficient but still controlled way, led us on the journey towards the discovery & delivery model. We all felt energized and “safe” when doing this journey.

Highly recommend Mattias as a coach/mentor for driving changes like this.”

Christian Feinberg

Christian Feinberg

Country Manager Mertz, Transformation Lead 2020-2022

“Mathias helped us at one of Sweden’s largest pharmaceutical companies in our transformation with the goal that each coworker should become their best self. Mathias could with his solid experience of leading change find new perspectives and insights that were hidden to us who were active in the organization. He contributed with both advice and concrete solutions, and contributed to a positive transformation experience despite many and large organizational changes.

Mathias has a strong communicative side, both in Swedish and in English, which was valuable to us during our transformation.”


Active Agile Leadership Program
Active Agile Leadership Program

Active Agile Leadership Program

Modern and effective leadership skills for strong product organizations.
Empowered Product Teams Program
Empowered Product Teams Program

Empowered Product Teams Program

Transition inspired awareness into effective everyday practice in your organization.


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